Learn English during summer


The summer stays are ideal to improve your English while participating in diverse and fun activities. Choose your destination, and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable summer where you will meet other students from different nationalities.

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Choose your destination


Stays on July

Learn English from day one with a group of your level. Discover the rich Irish culture with exciting excursions on Saturdays. Experience life in one of Ireland’s oldest cities. Accommodation with a foster family or residence.

Live a unique and enriching experience.

Stays on July

Experience an unforgettable summer immersed in a coastal paradise, perfecting your English with classes and exciting water and sports activities. Meet people from all over the world while enjoying a unique stay in a 3-star hotel with all-inclusive.

A unique opportunity to learn, grow and have fun at the same time.

Oxford (United Kingdom)
Stays on July

Experience an unforgettable summer in Oxford! Our program combines exciting English classes with exciting activities to improve your fluency in a fun way. Connect with other students while exploring the historic city of Oxford and participate in exciting outdoor adventures. Immerse yourself in a stimulating learning environment that will allow you to grow linguistically and personally while enjoying a unique experience in summer.

New York (United States)
Stays on July

If you are between 15 and 18 years old, we offer you a destination where you will live a thousand and one film adventures.

Exciting classes and excursions to get to know first-hand Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, while improving the language. Accommodation with local families in Brooklyn to live an authentic local life experience.

Personalize your program. You choose your plan.


Ask us for the experience you want to have: send your children to a full immersion program or expand your plan with extra activities. We will plan it tailor-made for you.

  • Choose extra activities (sport summer-camps, dancing, art or swimming).
  • Experience life with a host family or in a student residence.

We fully compromise to customize your experience. Just tell us what you have thought of.

The most important thing is trust

Trust and personalized attention are key if you want to send your children to study abroad.

Montse i David de KBLanguage

Just as if they traveled with their family. That is the way in which we take care of the students who decide to learn English abroad with us.

  • We choose the perfect host family or the best residence of the area.
  • We personally make the study plan and the activities
  • We keep in touch with the student and their family, often.
  • We are always available in case of an unexpected event that needs solving.

Take the word of other parents who explain their experience with us

Students who have already traveled with us know how important it is to have the confidence of knowing that we take care of each stay in a personalized way and that we are always making sure that your stay is perfect.

Montse and David

“Este verano nuestra hija ha estado en Boston. Era la primera vez que se iba a estudiar lejos de casa y ha sido una experiencia única y totalmente recomendable. Montse y David han estado fantásticos, total confianza en ellos. ¡¡Muchas gracias, familia!!”

Laura Mónico Roca, Banyoles
“Una fantástica experiencia para nuestra hija .
Siempre estaré agradecida de la profesionalidad de Kblanguage😘😘😘😘”
Lolita Lowl's, Mataró

“Las dos semanas que nuestra hija mayor ha pasado en Irlanda han sido excepcionales y enriquecedoras a nivel personal. Ha crecido como persona, y todo gracias a la buena organización de KBLanguage. Montse y David, os agradecemos de todo corazón el trabajo bien hecho. Solo añadir que contéis con Marina para el próximo año. ¡¡¡¡Ya lo espera!!!! Muchas gracias”

Mar Otero, Mataró

Another destiny?


If you are interested in any other destination, please let us know by filling out the form, and we will contact you to arrange it.